"…life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet scented herbs,

that is your success…"— Henry David Thoreau

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Exceptional & Beautiful Floral Arrangements


A floral artist, designer, and instructor, with a passion for all things floral.  I love all aspecst of fresh flowers - growing, purchasing, photographing, teaching, and designing fabulous arrangements.

Who I Am

Talented.  Creative.  Inspiring.  Visionary.

Hi, my name is James Earley and I am the Royal Bouquet Florist.  I began pursuing my passion for working with flowers in 2004 and it started with my adorable & beloved floral boutique located in the heart of Boston.  However, my love of flowers can easily be traced back to my youth where I could be found picking blossoms from the fields for my mom.  Flowers are in my heart and it is my true joy to share them with you.

What I Do

Delivering magical moments through floral artistry.


Using perfect balance, pleasing proportion, and amazing color palettes flowers are arranged for a perfect reflection of your style preferences.  


Expect nothing less than excellence in the creation of your floral arrangements.  Seeking the “WOW” factor.

Feel the passion behind the beautiful & bountiful flowers designed to elicit a personal and emotional connectivity to the moment at hand.

Floral design consulting, floral design training & workshops, custom floral arranging - on-site & off-site, floral installations for special events.

My Services

Custom Floral Arrangements

Wedding & Event Flowers

Floral Workshops

Corporate Flowers

Custom Designed Flower Arrangements

Consult with the Royal Bouquet Florist to select a theme or design that is perfect for your needs.  All work is custom and guaranteed to be exceptional.  

Delivery, Set-up & Installation

Delivery, set-up & installation options are available for  all custom ordered florals including local, regional, national and international destinations.