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To many people the art of floral design seems quite complicated.  Some even believe that there are floral design secrets that you must know in order to create something fabulous.  The truth is that there are no floral design secrets required, and in fact the art of floral design is quite easy.
In reality, the perceived floral design secrets are just insider floral design techniques and tips which have been learned from training, education, or experience.  So it is nothing more than the florist or floral designer having more knowledge and experience than the typical lay person.

The techniques and tips (also known as floral design secrets)  can be taught or communicated to others outside of the florist field to enable the average person to design beautiful looking flower arangements.  There are basic techniques and tips all the way up to advanced methods.  For the beginner, of course, it makes sense to learn the basics before moving onto any advanced design styles.

One of the floral design secrets that most people are not aware of is the use of transparent tape.  Transparent tape is just one of many different everyday items used by florists or flower designers as a nice tricks of the trade in creating terrific floral designs.  This tool is one of the best items for beginners to use.  You can get a full description of how to use transparent tape in the 13 Insider Tips to Creating Fabulous Floral Designs located near the top of this page in the sidebar.

Request the complementary tips through email and you will gain access to my top 13 insider floral design secrets.  I provide simple tricks of the trade that will astound you and help you to create wonderful looking flower arrangements.  With some of the tips you’ll likely scratch your head and think, wow – so that’s how they do that!

Begin to learn how the experts design gorgeous looking flower arrangements using basic tools and techniques.  Their inside floral design secrets are really nothing more than the application of design techniques and tips that have been learned through formal education, training, or experience.  Gain access to many of these techniques now by requesting the complementary tips in the box near the top of this page in the sidebar.

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