Send Flowers Online – 3 Types of Companies Offering Service

Consumer trends are validating that internet technology is here to stay and that more and more people are doing their shopping online.  This is also true for purchasing flowers online.  A majority of florists now offer customers the ability to order and send flowers online.   As with purchasing anything online, consumers should use caution and be sure to choose to do business with actual real florists.

There are primarily three types of companies offering the ability to send flowers online – local florists, internet only florists, and internet wire service florists (also known as order gatherers).  Local florists are actual operating retail brick and mortar flower shops.  These are the flower shops that you can walk into in any community or locale and meet with the owner or designer and place orders in person.  A local florist can send flowers online from any order they take – in person, on the telephone, or through their website.  These florists are the heart and soul of the floral industry, and should be supported whenever possible.

The internet only florist is exactly as it sounds.  These are quasi florists except that they do not operate a brick and mortar flower shop which accepts walk in clients.   They fulfill the orders from a huge warehouse and ship nationally.  They rely upon large volumes of orders through the internet to support their business models and they have grown significantly over the past few years.  They were the early adopters and figured out how to capture a majority of the internet shopper’s early on.

The last type of company that offers the service to send flowers online is the internet wire service florist.  These florists are considered the bane of the local florists.  The internet wire service florist is considered an order gatherer by industry insiders and are not looked upon favorably by local florists.  Additionally, these types of florists incur a lot of customer service issues.  These companies operate by taking orders over the internet and then “wiring” the orders through one of the wire service companies to a local florist for fufillment.  They collect an order taking fee as provided by the wire service company agreement, typically around 20%, and forward the order on.  They do not maintain a brick and mortar flower shop, nor fulfill any orders.

To send flowers online, all a person needs to do is use google to search on send flowers online and a plethora of service providers will be displayed in the search results.  Most of the largest flower companies, mostly wire service companies, advertise on google and their listing will appear at or near the top.  Scroll down to find local florists who will almost always provide better service.

When looking for a flower company to send flowers online, it is suggested to search on the internet using more specific terms – for instance if looking for a florist in atlanta to send flowers, then search using the terms “send flowers online atlanta”.  This will help local providers to appear closer to the top of the list and eliminate other providers that don’t really apply.

The ordering process is quite simple to send flowers online.  After locating a service provider, browse their flower bouquet offerings and select the one that is desired by adding it to the “cart”.  Many websites also offer the ability to customer the order with candy, cards, and stuffed animals too.

As with placing any order online, it is important to use caution and to do your homework and research on the company you select to do business with.  There are very good flower companies offering to send flowers online, just be sure to know who you are doing business with.  And to reinforce my recommendation – choose a local florist whenever possible.  They are best at fulfilling custom orders to meet your needs and provide excellent customer service.

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