Design a Pumpkin Flower ArrangementAutumn is in the air and pumpkins are starting to appear in the farmer’s fields and gardens everywhere. They are even showing up at the various markets and stores that you frequent. Pumpkins grow in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Combining a cute pumpkin with traditional fall colored flowers results in a very adorable and pretty pumpkin flower arrangement. The burst of flower colors combined with natures glory from the vegetable garden is a perfect combination. (click picture for training video)


For pumpkins, they range in size from teeny tiny up to humongous monster sized behemoths.  Their colors are mostly some shade of orange while some are white, green or bi-colored too.  For shape, pumpkins are found in short & stubby styles, tall & thin styles, perfectly round or completely lop-sided, and some even have strange looking bumps giving the pumpkin even more character.  For pumpkin flower arrangements, small to average sized pumpkins make the best specimens and color choice will be of personal preference.

The perfect flowers for pumpkin floral arrangements include tradtional fall flowers such as chysanthemums (also known as "mums"), roses, alstromeria and solidago.  Also including some gorgeous textured greenery or fall colored branches with leaves gives the design an extra special fall touch.  When choosing colors for the flowers to put into the pumpkin – generally the bronzes, oranges, yellows, antique reds (burgundy hues), and purples work best.  Try to stay away from pinks and pastel colored flowers for a fall arrangement – they are better left for spring and summer designs.

The technique for designing flowers inside a pumpkin is fairly straight forward and easier than most can imagine.  The first thing to do is prepare the pumpkin for a floral design, then prepare the container for the floral design which is placed into the pumpkin, and then create the flower arrangement.  Feel free to watch this brief video demonstration that I’ve prepared, along with downloading the free instruction guide book which provides the exact step-by-step directions – pumpkin flower arrangement <=click here.   When the design is complete, it should last approximately 5-7 days.  You can change the container after that time period with fresh foam and new flowers to extend the life of the pumpkin arrangement.

Creating a pumpkin flower arrangement is not only fun, but also very easy to do! Try it today – just stop by your local store and pick up a bunch of roses, a bunch of alstromeria, and perhaps a few different greens and you’ll be on your way to having a fantastic looking pumpkin flower arrangement.  Just follow the video or download the guide book for the steps to follow.  Also, when done please place the pumpkin on a plate or protective dish so that you don’t ruin any furniture in case the pumpkin begins to decay before you realize it.

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