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Every adult should have a primary florist as part of their trusted resource arsenal.  This advice is not offered because I was a former florist nor because I am a professional floral design instructor.  In fact, before I chose to join the florist profession I found myself relying upon the professional services of a trusted florist.   They take care of all the responsibility of getting your message delivered to the intended recipient. 

If you are going to have someone else deliver your message, then you should want someone you trust to deliver that message for you.  When it comes to flowers, that person to trust is the florist – right?  Of course, it is the logical choice.   There were weddings, birthdays, celebrations, funerals and even "just because" where you’ll likely need to contact your favorite florist for help in preparing special flower arrangements for the situation at hand.

A trusted florist is the person you go to whenever you need to express your feelings naturally and without words.  When you develop a relationship with your chosen florist they can assist you in so many ways for the design, development, and delivery of flowers locally, nationally or even internationally.  Great florists also make a connection with you and really understand and know your preferences for flower colors, choices, styles, and price points.

Many times floral customers who had not established a trusted relationship with a previous florist and every time they needed flowers for whatever occasion arose, they were "on the hunt" again to find the next florist to help them with their needs.  This approach certainly will work and customer’s will find a florist to help them in their time of need, however it can be a bit stressful just trying to find one that they like, or having to re-explain their preferences yet again to another new florist.  Additionally, there comes the concerns of "will they design it like I really want" or better yet, "will they create the floral arrangement as beautiful as before", or what happens when the florist didn’t deliver as promised?  A trusted florist that you’ve hired for previous floral work will likely go above and beyond to take good care of you and your needs as they intend to keep you as a valued customer.

So, how do you choose a great florist?  Choosing a florist to become a part of your inner resource circle is just like choosing most other important experts that you go to for advice and help – your doctor, your lawyer, your church, your business coach, your piano teacher, your personal trainer, etc.  These are people that you develop a relationship with and don’t bounce from one to another easily.  The relationship builds over time and the bond becomes stronger as the trust level builds.  Here are a few ideas to help you in finding the right florist for you:

  • If you see a floral arrangement that you really like, then ask what florist it came from.  Be sure to contact the florist and let them know how much you appreciated their work.  When you compliment a florist, they will be very grateful and definitely "remember" you.
  • When walking into lobbies (hotel, office, doctors, etc.) take note of the floral arrangements and if you like the style and designs you see then be sure to inquire at the front desk to find out who prepares the flowers.  Many times they are a florist that would be happy to assist you on a regular basis too.
  • When you send flowers, take note of any feedback you receive.  Of course positive feedback is a great clue to continue using that florist for more of your work.
  • Visit a local florist where you live and observe the shop for design styles, creativity in use of flowers (color, shape, containers, etc.), cleanness of the shop, friendliness of the staff, and listen to how the associates or owner handles customers on the telephone.  Imagine yourself ordering flowers from there – do you believe you would get what you wanted?
  • Introduce yourself to the owner of a florist shop, or the lead floral designer and strike up a conversation around the shop and flowers that you love.  You can get a good sense of experience and knowledge level of the florist through natural conversation.  You’ll also get a good sense of personality "click".   This probably goes without saying,  however I will mention it anyhow – be sure to look for positive energies and emotions.  When a florist is happy, they will be much more creative and they’ll work to make others happy as well.   Happiness is contagious and you’ll want someone like that on your team as well.

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