Hydrangea Bouquets – 3 Types of Hydrangea Flowers

Most people are familiar with the large globe shaped or round blossom known as the hydrangea.  It is a very popular summer flower and a common choice for use in wedding flowers and hydrangea bouquets.  They are referred to the endless summer hydrangea because their blossoms seem ever present on the hydrangea plant throughout the summer season.

However, many are not aware that hydrangea flowers actually come in 3 different types defined by their blossom shape and style and all are stunning in hydrangea bouquets.  When used in arrangements or bouquets, the hydrangea flowers are most often considered the focal flower – the flower that everyone sees and notices the most in the bouquet design.

The hydrangea flowers video below shows the 3 different types of hydrangea flowers.  Each hydrangea flowers type is very pretty and unique.  Even though each is unique from the other, there is no mistaken identity that they each belong to the hydrangea family.  The individual blossoms   The 3 common types of hydrangea flowers that make gorgeous hydrangea bouquets are:  mophead; panicle, and lacecap. 

The types are easily identifiable and their associated names are quite appropriate for their type.  Specifically, the mophead is the round or globe shaped bloom while the panicle is the pyramid shaped bloom and the lacecap, well you guessed it – looks like lace and is a flat bloom.  You’ll surely be able to spot the differences of hydrangea flowers once you watch the video.

Hydrangea bouquets are purely and simply quite beautiful.  They either look spectacular as a grouping of similar type blooms, mixed with any of the different types of hydrangea blooms, or even mixed with other flowers.


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